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Bay House by Leroy Street Studio

A barrier island in Long Island, New York is home to a stunning and sustainable modern home.  The Bay House by Leroy Street Studio stands out amongst the lawn-and-bulkhead properties around this island by working to reclaim the original nature of this plot.  Grasses and native plants were brought in to the land where the tides can replenish them, living as part of this home’s environment.  The home itself rises above the grasses on wooden stilts and wooden-slatted concrete.  Its exterior features a grouping of rectangular sections that are off-centered to provide a wedged patio that overlooks the bay while preserving privacy.  The interior is warm and relaxing, lit by the falling sun and accented with the wooden colors that line the by coast.  By preserving the nature of the Long Island bay, this home succeeds in bringing the environment to its doorstep.  The modern treatment of its living sections makes it all the more desirable.  [via freshome]

Bay House Gallery