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    Bee Stingers Playing Cards
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Bee Stingers Playing Cards


Before there was the “eye in the sky” camera network in casinos, The House had to rely on more traditional methods to buck would-be thieves.  The classic Bee Stingers Playing Cards were the tools of the trade, a specially-designed card that was only the stock of the casinos of the world, not available to the common man.  In its’ prime, the Bee Stinger cards would prevent gamblers from dealing in cards of their own into the deck, thereby stacking the odds in their favor.  Think of the early U.S. currency, protected from counterfeiters by it’s own complexity.  The Bee Stingers were the currency of casinos back in the day, and now they are available to the gambling public.  Get yours from Theory11, who have reprinted the Bee Stingers so you can deal them yourself…  [theory11 via hypebeast]