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Bell and Ross BR-X1 Watch

Thick, machined, masculine and exquisite. These adjectives describe most Bell&Ross watches, and the latest model is no exception. The Bell and Ross BR-X1 Watch is the brand’s latest Skeleton Chronograph, named for an open view to its complicated, precise interior movement. It represents the latest of five generations of Bell&Ross watches, and a collection of the brand’s latest tech and materials advances. It’s bold, boxy, brash and beautiful, and like the B&R timepieces that came before it, it’s exclusive. Only 250 of the new BR-X1 will be made, meaning only a small number of collectors will secure this watch for their wrist or personal vault.

If Bell&Ross is new to you, it’s a brand that has crafted Swiss-made contemporary watches for nearly 25 years. Bell and Ross watches are inspired by aviation history and technical innovation, where each watch is an horologic take on aircraft instrumentation. There are some variations on this theme, but the general identity remains true throughout all of their watches since 1992. The latest watch, the Bell and Ross BR-X1, signals a step forward for the brand where the design takes on many more functional elements– while showing off its precision engineering.

That “precision engineering” is viewable on both sides of the BR-X1. The Skeleton Chronograph is naked beneath its hour, minute and second hand, showing off the spinning movement and precise gearing. On the back, a small opening peers into the mechanics for an additional view. It has been a traditional feature of many Swiss watches to show off their inner workings, but the BR-X1 does it in a decidedly contemporary fashion. This exposed design is held together with grade 5 titanium, ensuring that “open and viewable” doesn’t compromise its rugged, master-built form.

The new Bell and Ross BR-X1 Skeleton Chronograph is a complete contemporary watch. Beyond its visual appeal, it packs a pair of timers and toggle push-buttons for easy access. It’s water resistant to 100 meters, and both the band and case are built to handle demanding environments. Like the B&R watches that came before it, it’s definitely a man’s watch, a bold and rugged timepiece. It’s also very limited in access, ready for only 250 lucky owners. The first will begin shipping soon, available at select watch boutiques.

Bell and Ross BR-X1 Watch side angle

Bell and Ross BR-X1 Watch rear

Bell and Ross BR-X1 Watch exploded view

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