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    Bell & Ross WWI Sautante Watches
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Bell & Ross WWI Sautante Watches

The Switzerland based watch company of Bell & Ross recently released the exclusive WWI Sautante line. Progression meets tradition with the new vintage-style wristwatches. A modest alligator band meets the class style round face of the watches leaving an impression of traditional elegance and classic style. Bell & Ross take a unique approach with the mechanics of the watch. Meticulous inner workings of the watch ensure a close to perfect accurate read of the time. A new and more efficient way of reading time is accomplished by designing a face that has one hand reading minutes and an underlying rotating disk that reveals the hour numerically. Pink gold and platinum harmonize elegantly together as the technology works away to improve the legibility of time telling. The WWI Sautante line encompasses sophistication and modern technology to create a truly timeless timepiece. The WWI Sautante proves that luxury, quality, and style are not always best represented by the flashy exterior.

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