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    Men’s Chambray Shirt Style Guide: Top 7 Classic Blue Chambray Shirts Reviewed
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Men’s Chambray Shirt Style Guide: Top 7 Classic Blue Chambray Shirts Reviewed

Today, we briefly review 7 of the best chambray shirts for any budget.

Best Chambray Shirt

The classic chambray shirt’s textured feel pairs perfectly with a variety of outfits. You can layer it under an unstructured blazer, and pair it with chinos. Alternatively, try wearing it with dark denim and white sneakers for the ultimate laid-back summer experience.

In this guide, we help you find the best chambray shirts in the market. We’ll also share pointers on what you need to look for when making your purchase.

The 7 Best Chambray Shirts in 2023

When you invest in a chambray shirt, it should be well constructed, have great style, use quality materials, and fit well. Below, we list 7 chambray shirts that help you dress to impress without destroying your budget.

1. Wrangler Authentics Long Sleeve Classic Woven Shirt

Wrangler Authentics Chambray Shirt
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This Wrangler Authentics Long Sleeve Classic Woven Shirt is elegant everyday wear with a perfect relaxed fit. Made from 100% cotton, the shirt is breathable and soft to the skin. Two roomy chest pockets provide a nice spot to carry your phone and other small personal items.

Moreover, the shirt is washed for softness giving it a lived-in feel when you buy it. It features a button closure and buttoned cuffs for function and beauty. This shirt is low-maintenance as it’s machine washable.

It’s available in a variety of impressive manly colors: cowhide chambray, black denim, dark chambray, caviar, grey, light chambray, and burnt olive.

2. Goodthreads Men’s Long-Sleeve Chambray Shirt

Goodthreads Men's Chambray Shirt
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Goodthreads’ Standard-Fit Long-Sleeve Chambray Shirt can dress up with a tie, or makes sense dressed down, unbuttoned and over a tee.

Made from quality cotton, it’s lightweight, soft, and breathable. The fitting will flatter your physique as it’s easy through the upper torso and gradually tappers downwards towards the waist. It features a stylish single chest pocket for holding your small essentials.

No more hassle on laundry day as this chambray is machine washable and therefore an easy-care shirt.

3. Amazon Essentials Chambray Shirt

Amazon Essentials Chambray Shirt
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You can count on this Amazon Essentials Men’s Chambray Shirt for your everyday wear. Made from 100% cotton, it’s soft and breathable making it a comfy outfit.

It’s a perfect fit, comfortable through the chest and narrowing down to the waist. The sizing is consistent ensuring you get a fitting that precisely matches your dimensions.

Amazon makes an easy-to-maintain shirt that’s machine washable. It comes in four color options of blue, red, grey, and rinsed.

4. Wrangler Authentics Short Sleeve Classic Woven Shirt

Wrangler Authentics Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt
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The Wrangler Authentics Short Sleeve Classic Woven Shirt is the perfect addition to your closet for the warmer summer months. It ditches the long sleeves that make most chambray shirts burdensome and weighty for the summer.

Wear it with casuals such as chino pants or add a crew-neck tee layered under and unbutton the shirt for a relaxed holiday look. And to pull off a more polished look, tuck it in under a belt as you go out for your evening date.

This shirt has a classic look thanks to the button-flap twin chest pockets and the well-fitting spread collar. It’s a comfortable, breathable and absorbent, thanks to the 100% cotton, machine-washable fabric.

5. COOFANDY Men’s Casual Linen Chambray Dress Shirt

COOFANDY Men's Casual Linen Chambray Shirt
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The COOFANDY Men’s Casual Linen Chambray Dress Shirt is suitable to wear all year round regardless of the changing seasons

This linen button-down is lightweight and comfy through the chest, gently tapering through the waist for a tailored look. It is suitable for a range of occasions, from casual business events to weddings, dates, vacations, and travel.

The COOFANDY goes well with chino pants, jeans, plain tees, and unstructured blazers. In cooler weather, you can wear it underneath your woolen sweater. It’s available in over 20 different colors.

6. Hurley Men’s Textured Short Sleeve Button Up

Hurley Men's Textured Short Sleeve Chambray shirt
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Another chambray to wear through warmer months thanks to the short sleeves. This Hurley Men’s Textured Short Sleeve Button Up is made from an attractive textured fabric. A top-left slightly roomy chest pocket adds both aesthetics and functionality.

Made with 100% quality cotton, it feels as great as it looks. You’d be comfortable in it through the day and it’s durable to last repeated wear as a wardrobe staple. This product is machine washable taking away from you the stress of doing laundry.

Moreover, it comes in a range of over a dozen captivating colors.

7. Buck Mason Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt

Buck Mason Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt

If you’ve got your white canvas sneakers and a pair of jeans ready to rock in summer, the Buck Mason Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt would be perfect to complete your style. It’s a durable and stylish piece that will take you to the beach, on vacation, or for a poolside meet with friends.

This top pairs well with a variety of outfits ranging from swim trunks, linen trousers, slip-on sneakers, denim jeans to khaki chinos. Made in USA, you can be sure of the quality craftsmanship that’s known for American-made attire.

Buying Guide for Chambray Shirts

There are several factors you should put into consideration before buying that chambray shirt from the store.

Let’s consider what you need to look for.


Chambray shirts are typically made from 100% cotton, although a cotton and linen blend is also possible. They consist of a cotton plain-weave fabric with a colored yarn in the fabric’s warp that’s woven through a white weft yarn.

Chambray usually appears light-blue in color and resembles denim except that it’s thinner and lighter, and often uses a heavier twill or diagonal twill weave material.

The great thing about cotton is that it’s breathable and absorbent hence ideal for warmer weather.


Whether your chambray shirt will be layered beneath a thick-knit woolen cardigan, or worn unbuttoned over a plain crew tee, it should fit you well to flatter your physique.

Tailored fit chambray shouldn’t have extra material loosely hanging or be too tight that you’re uncomfortable. The most vital measurements that you need to confirm are in the neck area, the torso length, the waist, and the arm length.

A chambray shirt that fits you well has shoulder seams that rest on your shoulders and end where your shoulders end. Sleeves of a properly fitting top touch your wrists.


Once you’ve confirmed the chambray shirt you’d want to buy is made of quality material, inspect it to confirm whether the workmanship is meticulous.

Check that the item you will be investing in has neat stitches, and sturdy seams, with buttons that are firmly fixed. Pockets should be well fixed and patterns match well.

Colors and Patterns

Colors and patterns are largely a matter of personal preference. A good men’s chambray shirt, like denim, often comes in a light blue hue.

Brighter colors are especially fitting in a warmer summer backdrop. You’ll want to move to deeper shades as you move into the cooler months.


Generally speaking, a chambray shirt made of high-quality material and excellent craftsmanship will cost more. If the item comes from a trustworthy brand with a reputation for producing great stuff, it’s going to cost you extra.

However, with a reasonable budget, you can still get hold of a decent mens chambray shirt that can turn heads. With good research, you can still get a quality piece of clothing regardless of your budget.


Picking the right chambray shirt can be a hectic process but we’ve sampled some of the best performing chambrays in the market today. We’ve also weighed in on what to look for when buying a chambray shirt.

If you have a chambray shirt you believe deserves a slot in our list of the best chambray shirts, leave us a comment.