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16 Best Invicta Watches for Economical Elegance

Translated from Latin, invicta means “invincible” which speaks to the uncompromising mission that Invicta watches undertakes on a daily basis. This company has survived the slings and arrows of an industry that has risen and fallen through the ages, yet it has managed to stay relevant, stay innovative, and stay the course.

Beginning its tale in 1837, Invicta all but faded during the quartz crisis of the 1970s, since they were largely an automatic and manual-winding company. Then, lifting from the ashes in full glory, Invicta began to again produce award-winning designs that stunned, amazed, and worked like the Swiss timepieces that they are.

The Invicta of today holds true to the original idea of founder Raphael Picard who wanted real Swiss watches to be offered at affordable prices so that everyone could have a timepiece that worked like a dream.

Invicta Watches – The Very Best

Though their line now has very few true Swiss watches, since its headquarters was moved to Hollywood, Florida, Invicta nonetheless has a deep bench with some impressive items.

In celebration of this Swiss-turned-American-turned-globetrotter brand, here are the 16 absolute best Invicta watches for your wrist.

1. Invicta 8932 Pro Diver Watch

Beneath the understated and somewhat forgettable exterior beats the deadly-accurate heart of a champion. Japanese movement that limits the necessity of user interference creates fewer hassles and less dropped time. The crystal is flame-fusion mineral capable of shrugging off scratches yet not driving up the price.

2. Invicta 14330 Specialty 18k Yellow Gold-Plated Watch

Invicta 14330 Specialty Men's Wrist Watch Stainless Steel Quartz

A hulking brute of a watch that is one of the few Invicta pieces that doesn’t work well with full immersion in water, only those who seek praise and attention should attempt to pull this off. Boxed in is a set of leather calfskin bands that help flog the price above Invicta’s typical lightweight sticker cost.

3. Invicta 9212 Speedway

Invicta Men's Speedway 39.5mm Steel and Gold Tone Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch

White and gold all wrapped in steel allow the 9212 to transcend the barriers between casual wear and debonaire pomp. It can be paired with jeans and a jacket, or coupled with a power tie and double-breasted suit, or be taken on a snorkeling expedition should the need arise.

4. Invicta 9211 Speedway Collection

Invicta 9211 Speedway Collection

Part of the ultra-light Speedway watches intended for those who don’t want much weight on their wrist, the 9211 slides in under 6-ounces when all is said and done. Able to resist shocks and offer triple chronographs for clocking time trials at the track, it’s a mover, a shaker, and a looker all bundled up.

5. Invicta 0489 Angel Collection Cubic Zirconia-Accented Watch

Invicta 0489 Angel Collection Cubic Zirconia-Accented Watch

If Invicta’s wide range of watches has one major flaw, it’s a lack of women’s timepieces that make a truly feminine impression. The Angel Collection is the sole standout, intended to be proudly female, but still professional with Swiss quartz movement beneath the mother of pearl backing and gold-plated steel. Gorgeous but still stalwart, just like a woman.

6. Invicta 8926OB Pro Diver

Invicta 8926OB Pro DiverInvicta’s uber-masculine Pro Diver series is littered with their most popular pieces thanks to their reliability under the waves. The unidirectional bezel keeps the time under water without falter or fail, allowing serious scuba professionals peace of mind when keeping one eye on their oxygen consumption.

7. Invicta 6620 Chronograph

Invicta 6620 Chronograph

Brushed, polished, and dripping with industrial appeal, the 6620 brings loads of metal to the table, backed by Swiss movement even though the watch itself is sadly not Swiss-made. Stainless steel from band to the backing, complete with 330 feet of water resistance and a set of chromed chronos, it’s bling with balance.

8. Invicta 0072 Chronograph 18k Gold-Plated

Invicta 0072 Chronograph

18 karat gold plating over stainless steel gives the impression of a more expensive timekeeper, though the 200-meter water resistance rating proves this to be a workhorse as much as a sartorial accessory. The dazzle sets a high bar, but the 0072 clears it with space to spare.

9. Invicta 6410 Python

Invicta Men's 6410 Python Collection Chronograph Gun Metal Stainless Steel Watch

Though the yellow-faced Python is no longer in production, it hasn’t lost an inch of ground to contemporary pieces. The gunmetal body and unsettling amber hue truly feel like the eye of a snake, all shrouded by a flame fusion dial that adds a steel spine to its savoir faire. Just look to the secondary market to find one.

10. Invicta Sea Spider Chronograph 0140

Invicta Sea Spider Chronograph 0140

Though style is the goal of Invicta watches, the Sea Spider is proof positive that they can also handle a sporty look to go along with their love of rose gold. Easy to read with lots of luminosity, along with chronographs arranged in a handy centered mixture, it’s Japanese quartz movement with European flair.

11. Invicta 1090 Russian Diver Rose Gold-tone Stainless Steel Skeleton Watch

Invicta 1090 Russian Diver Rose Gold-tone Stainless Steel Skeleton Watch

Staying true to the skeleton style the dial is free of numerals surrounded by a gently scalloped bezel. In spite of this sleek stylization, the 1090 is big and flashy, with exposed gears behind a beastly 52mm face. Lastly, the synthetic sapphire crystal means it can be an heirloom piece with minimal care and feeding.

12. Invicta 15789 S1 Rally Analog Display Swiss Quartz

Invicta 15789 S1 Rally Analog Display Swiss Quartz

One of the most stylized watches that Invicta makes, the S1 Rally is riddled with track-inspired accents, beginning with the navy loops that intersect in a Venn diagram on the face. Swiss-made quartz movement keeps it humming along with a swagger that is pure Tonneau.

13. Invicta 0927 Anatomic Chronograph

Invicta 0927 Anatomic Chronograph

The 0927 is a part of the Subaqua collection, which attempts to balance utility with a fashion-forward aesthetic for a balanced design that exists at the intersection of form and function. Silver accents abound adding sizzle to the watch face while the chronos and tachymeter on the inner bezel give it more use than most will need.

14. Invicta 0515 Blue Mother-Of-Pearl Stainless Steel Watch

Invicta 0515 Blue Mother-Of-Pearl Stainless Steel Watch

Naturally, the arresting bright blue face is the primary selling point of this show-stopper. Behind the beauty lies a synthetic sapphire crystal that can take quite a beating, as it is currently the most resilient material in watch production. True swiss quartz movement and 650-feet worth of water resistance round out this luminous creation.

15. Invicta Venom 0360

Invicta Men's 0360 Reserve Collection Venom Chronograph Black Leather Watch

Holding a venerated place among Invicta’s elite Reserve Collection, the Venom is black leather and rose gold that is at once friendly and predatory. Going hand in glove with its shark-like appeal, it has 1000 meters worth of water resistance, so that a day on the yacht is more than just mai tais and business deals.

16. Invicta 14214 Russian Diver Automatic

Invicta 14214 Russian Diver Automatic

Devised and designed to look like the porthole on a submarine, the transparent face will cause a few double-takes as the brain catches up to the construction. Once you acclimate to the riveted build, the Chinese automatic movement and accented by 18k gold plating will easily transfix you.

Invicta Watches: Quick FAQ

Are Invicta watches luxury?

Budget and luxury never go hand in hand. But with Invicta, it seems to be an interesting compromise. Some people consider it a budget brand or an affordable luxury, but Invicta is far from being a luxury watchmaker. Their designs, however, mimick very well those of luxury watches.

How much are Invicta watches?

On our list, Invicta watches go from $60 to $300, give or take. Many of them are quality watches that look nothing short of eye-catching.

Are Invicta watches good?

The short answer is they are a great choice for those looking to buy “affordable luxury” on a budget. They have hundreds of models and their watches are well-made.

Where are Invicta watches made?

Not all of Invicta watches are made in Switzerland. The company prides on its Swiss heritage, and while many of its products/models have Swiss components and are ensembled in Switzerland, many of its watches also originate from Asia.

Parting Words

Do you own an Invicta? How did it stand the test of time and how happy are you with your purchase?

We’d love to hear from you, so hit us up in the comments section below.

  1. I have a couple Invicta and when u think no one notices, along comes fanfare for how that watch really looks great . I’m satisfied with my watch which ive put thru rigorous moments at work

  2. Great watches but the band on all the watches are to big. So I have to go out and get band adjusted. Also are all watches so heavy ?

  3. Very informative piece. Invicta is really to be celebrated for providing diversity enough so that there is pretty much something for everyone in their offerings. They do not break the bank, yet provide a level of quality and style that makes for good function and eye catching design.