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Blink HD Home Monitor is Home Security on the Go

Blink HD Home Monitor | We live in somewhat paranoid times. While many in my parent’s generation can recall an era where no one really thought to lock their doors, the information age has exposed many of us to a whole new world of danger, one that most of us didn’t even realize existed. Now, locking one’s door is a common practice – along with more significant preventative measures. See, as our push towards smart technology moves inexorably forward, we’re seeing a very noticeable change in the technology we use to keep our houses safe and secure.

Calling it a craze might not be that far off from the truth.

The Blink HD Home Monitor is yet one more gadget that’s throwing in its lot with security buffs – specifically on the monitoring side of things. It’s something of an all-in-one device, combining a night vision-enabled HD camera with motion detection and temperature sensors to give whoever’s using it a complete and comprehensive view of what’s going on at home. The project’s currently on Kickstarter, and they plan to sell a blink alarm device as well (assuming their funding goes past $600,000, which at this point seems like a pretty sure thing; at the time of writing, they’ve 19 days left and have already raised $590,369).

The best part about the Blink HD Home Monitor isn’t that it combines all these features into a tiny, battery-powered square, though. The best thing is the price: Blink starts at $49, with no monthly fees attached. On top of that, it’s incredibly small – meaning you can put it pretty much anywhere you think it’d fit. Buy a couple, and you’ll be able to set up a fully-functional home security system for next to nothing.

Blink Is Armed

Naturally, the Blink HD Home Monitor is smartphone-enabled. thanks to the Sync module that comes packaged with every device. Once you’ve set it up, you’ll be able to check in on your home from just about anywhere, receiving real-time alerts whenever it detects motion or a severe change in temperature(in the former case, it’ll also start immediately recording video). Combined with one of the many smart thermostat system on the market (and maybe a smart lock for good measure) Blink is basically the final gadget you need in order to completely control your home from your phone.

And that, my friends, is downright incredible.

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