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Magnificent Moto: the 1960 BMW R69S

bmw r69s 9 Magnificent Moto: the 1960 BMW R69S

Throughout the marque’s history, BMW has produced some absolute gems in the world of automobiles, be they four-wheeled or two.  We’ve shared some brilliant BMWs here on TheCoolist, especially the 1937 BMW 328 Mille Miglia and the 1937 BMW R7 motorcycle.  Continuing our fascination, here is one of TheCoolist’s favorite vintage motorcycles, the 1960 BMW R69S.

The BMW R69S motorcycle was produced between 1960 and 1969, with 11,317 sold for $1,564 each ($10,192 in today’s USD).  The R69S was sold primarily in Dover White, a distinctive color which showcased the intricate tubing of its early BMW frame.  That tubing, and the extension of the bright white paint on the gas tank and fenders, is what gives the R69S its character.  While BMW produced some wonderful bikes in the middle of the last century, the R69S perfected their styling and performance efforts before a new generation of bike design began.  As a result, the R69S represents a special moment in the design of motorcycles, a peak in quality before styles changed in the 70s and 80s.

Of the original 11,317 produced, there are many BMW R69S’s on the road today.  They have earned a cult appeal, with collectors snapping up older bikes that have fallen into disrepair to faithfully restore them.  While finding an R69S on the market can be difficult, many do change hands each year, regularly exceeding $20,000 each for a running, well-maintained model.  [photos used with permission by andrea cavazzuti]

bmw r69s 5 Magnificent Moto: the 1960 BMW R69S



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