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    Bota Bota – Floating Spa of Montreal
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Bota Bota – Floating Spa of Montreal

A mid-century ferryboat in Montreal’s Old Port has been given a new life as Bota Bota – the floating spa of Montreal.  Bota Bota quietly bobs with the flow of the St. Lawrence river, resting on its perch within eyesight of the famed Habitat ’67.  The curvy maritime character of the old ship has been stripped for a more angular, modern style, and the uniform hull has been opened to provide scenic windows of the industrial disctrict in which Bota Bota is housed.

The modern interior of Bota Bota provides serene, private relaxation rooms with open views of the environment around it.  Public, communal areas are conducive to quiet conversation or silent enjoyment of the pleasures Bota Bota provides.  Bota Bota is not the first floating Scandinavian spa we’ve seen, but this work by Sid Lee Architecture is our clear favorite.  Locals in Montreal can experience Bota Bota firsthand, but travelers should consider adding this one to their itinerary.

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