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Camouflaged Boulder Cabin Provides a Secret Escape in the Woods

You’ve found the perfect plot for your frontier cabin. There are no roads or people around for miles, just like you wanted. But how do you build your cabin without creating a visual disturbance in the environment? Bureau A architects has a new solution, the Antoine Boulder Cabin. This amazing cabin concept can be tucked away into any rocky nook or cranny you desire, ready to play host to your forest-bound escapades. It blends in to the environment around it, giving you a serene, secret escape where you can just be left alone.

The Bureau A Antoine Boulder Cabin is a compact, single-room unit designed for one or two occupants. It features a wood-burning stove, a fold-down cot, a window and a skylight. And that’s about it.

This boulder cabin has two distinct values to weekend campers. First, it provides a rare kind of privacy by blending in with the surroundings. Second, it’s safe and secure when you’re away, as those who do actually discover the boulder cabin will have trouble even finding the lock. It’s a natural camouflage of sorts that gives it secrecy and security, a great option for the hermit that truly wants peace and quiet.

The boulder cabin concept by Bureau A is a completed physical dwelling, actually in use by its developer. More could be ordered to spec, but as far as we know now it is a one-of-a-kind dwelling. From our perspective, it’d be right at home in the Treehotel in Sweden, and if it came sooner, we’d have included it in our list of the best Nature Architecture 2014. It’s an incredible little design, an unique take on cabin architecture by Bureau A.

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