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This Vintage Laundry Room Restoration Might Be San Francisco’s Smallest Dwelling

This might be the tiniest dwelling in San Francisco. It’s an architectural restoration by Christi Azevedo, a project that reclaims an old laundry boiler room into a loft-style unit measuring 93 square feet. Despite its demure size, it is an exciting little space. The original charm of the boiler room shines through, where exposed bricks and beams yield a rustic-meets-modern design.

The Brick House by Azevedo Design measures 8′-2″ by 11′-6″. It makes up for its tiny footprint by extending high, with a mezzanine level that adds a bed and storage to the space. Even though the base level measures 93 square feet, it employs intelligent storage and design methods to add a lot of functionality. In this space, the Brick House features a full kitchen, a living room with a convertible coffee/dining table, plus fold-out cushions that turn the stairs into seating. There’s a landing on the stairway that adds a walnut-lined closet and a compact bathroom. The wet bathroom fits everything a guest would need into just 42″ of space. On the top level, a queen-sized bed provides sleeping space for two. Together, this tiny house design fits everything an occupant would need to live comfortably.

The Brick House was designed to be a guest house directly behind the client’s main quarters. While it is private and not intended to be a primary residence, it’s an inspiring example of restorative reuse in an urban setting. Just imagine what a creative architect and client could achieve with a small space and big ideas. It’s a great representation of a tiny house movement that is unfortunately dominated by stale mobile trailers. The concept remains the same, however. You can live large in a small space — and find immense pride in a home that will inspire others.

We’re curious. Could you live in a space this small? We’d certainly love to give it a try.

Azevedo Design completed work on the Brick House in 2014. It was photographed for the architect by Cesar Rubio.

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Brick House Restoration by Christi Azevedo | Gallery

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