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Bridge Studio by Saunders Architecture

The landscape of Fogo Island, Newfoundland has been the scene of choice for a collection of modern art studios in recent years.  A while back, we featured the Fogo Island Studio, and today we add the nearby Bridge Studio by Saunders Architecture.  The Bridge Studio rises above an inland pond that is separated by rocky hills that comprise the coastline.  The structure begins with a 16-foot bridge as an entryway to the 30 square meter studio.  The studio features a raised seating area and a lower section with a wood-burning stove and inset firewood storage.  The lights on the ceiling are powered by a private solar system, but running water is not available.  This studio is rustic in amenity but modern in design, a great getaway for artists and writers who need peace of mind and natural beauty to inspire their creativity.  We’re hoping this is not the last Fogo Island modern art studio in this on-going project. [via designboom]

Bridge Studio by Saunders Architecture Gallery