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BT House by Studio Guilherme Torres

BT House by Studio GT (3)

A new contemporary home in southern Brazil fuses modern and traditional elements into a single, stunning design.  The BT House by Studio Guilherme Torres is progressive in shape, featuring a pair of split rectangular sections with one slightly cantilevered over the other.  While the form is bold and contemporary, the material is classic by comparison.  A brick base supports a second level with a concrete shell that is walled by a traditional wooden mashrabiya, an Eastern architectural element that provides privacy, air flow and protection from the hot Brazilian sun.

BT House is centered around a split-level patio with a stained wooden deck, a slim swimming pool and open access to the lower-level living spaces.  A sliding glass wall is all that separates the dining room and den from the private patio beyond, which can be closed or open at the whims of the occupants.  The dining room connects to a large kitchen with sleek steel appliances and a connected herb garden under a slatted skylight.

The upper level provides private spaces to the home’s family and guests, with each room tucked away behind the wooden mashrabiya of the outer fascia.  From indoors, the view through this screen appears much more visually permeable than it does from a distance.  Each room has a character of its own, some vibrantly colorful and others more relaxed and refined.  A long hallway to one side connects each room and provides a floor-to-ceiling view through the outer mashrabiya.

The fusion of architectural tradition and contemporary design philosophy yields something special in Guilherme Torres’ BT House.  It feels entirely natural, like a contemporary classic that has stood on its plot for decades.  There is no pretense about it, no overbearing design element that makes it stuffy or uncomfortable.  It is warm and welcoming, featuring a comfortable interior and a breezy connection to the environment around it.  It’s a success in design, an ideal home for a modern family that is well-rooted in their tradition.

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