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    Cafe Scorpio Motorcycle by Deus Bali
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Cafe Scorpio Motorcycle by Deus Bali

The two-wheeled tweakers at Deus Bali have completed work on a stripped-down, styled-up Yamaha Scorpio, the Cafe Scorpio Motorcycle.  This striking cafe commuter maintains the Yamaha’s 225cc engine, but its bare bones, lightweight design gives the bike a performance boost over its predecessor.  It’s not the speed that has us spellbound, it’s the styling.  The Cafe Scorpio’s elegant simplicity is stunning, and the vintage feel of its build has us aching to twist the throttle.  This bike is an instant classic.  It also doesn’t hurt that you’ll need to travel to Bali to acquire it… [via bike-exif]

Cafe Scorpio Motorcycle Gallery