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    Can Manuel d’en Corda Vacation Home
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Can Manuel d’en Corda Vacation Home

A classic Spanish vacation home has been restored and joined with a new contemporary addition.  The Can Manuel d’en Corda by designers Castelló Martìnez & Redolat maintains the rustic character of the original villa and the serene island environment around it.  This is some truly hallowed property, located on the island of Formentera which rests just off the southern coast of the famed isle of Ibiza.  The philosophy of this design spans over a hundred years, taking the inspiration of the 19th century villa and merging it with modern sensibility.  The result feels natural, a stunning vacation villa that is at once rustic and contemporary, cool and calming.  Let us know when the guest room is vacant…  [via lancia]

Can Manuel d’en Corda | Gallery