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    Cantina Antinori Winery – Italy
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Cantina Antinori Winery – Italy

From a distance, the architecture of the Cantina Antinori Winery is virtually invisible to the naked eye.  The central hill on the sloping contours of the vineyard is more than rising earth, it is the green roof of a large commercial-scale winery.  This magnificent work of architecture isn’t just sustainable in sight and spirit, it features a marvelously conceived contemporary interior.  The inner sections of Cantina Antinori Winery are split between offices, retail, production, storage and the common areas between them.  Under the green-roofed ceilings of the winery, cool, cavernous chambers house fermentation tanks and barrels for aging while the wine slowly matures.  Upon its completion, this earthy Chianti is labeled and sold on site and throughout its worldwide distribution network.  It’s a stunning work of architecture, one which pays a visual and functional homage to the art, science and spirit of wine making.  [via designboom, photography by Pietro Savorelli]

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