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Casa Delta by Bernardes Arquitetura is South American Modernism at its Finest

  • Casa Delta is a 10,000+ square foot modern residence on the Atlantic coast near Sao Paolo
  • Bernardes Arquitetos completed Casa Delta in 2014 for a private client

Brazilian modernism is a style of architecture in its own right. It is distinctive, natural and exotic, characteristics which describe Brazil’s culture at large. Brazilian design is inspired by these factors — the cultural identity of her people and the tropical environment they enjoy. From this comes an unique style of architecture that is instantly recognizable as the property of Brazil.

Casa Delta by Bernardes Arquitetura is a grand work of coastal Brazilian modernism. It is a massive residence overlooking the Atlantic coast and the green panorama that falls into the sea. It spans nearly 11,000 square feet of space, with shared spaces that open into a large scenic veranda. Indoor/outdoor living is emphasized, a design that honors the constant beauty of tropical Brazil.

Casa Delta shares a common theme with other recent works of Brazilian modernism. Its material construction and surface textures continue a long-established theme in Brazil. It’s composed of stone, wood, steel and glass, but the most natural-looking materials dominate the design. On the bottom level, stone comprises most of the supporting walls. Above, a vertically-slatted wooden fascia extends across the full volume of the building, opening wider at windows to allow natural light into the home. Atop the structure, the ceilings feature finely joined wooden surfaces that present a warm, natural feeling throughout. These materials come together in shapes that are sharp and angular, but in total, they create an inviting emotional appeal.

Casa Delta continues a line of remarkable works of Brazilian modernism by Bernardes Arquitetos. Their work shares a language with other Brazilian greats like Marcio Kogan, Guillerme Torres and others. Be sure to check their full portfolio for more. [photography by Leonardo Finotti]

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