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Casa JE by Humberto Hermeto

The home of an art lover should be artful itself, so believes the client of Humberto Hermeto about this Brazilian home.  Casa JE is more than just a home, however, it is a multi-use building featuring a large art gallery in its lower section.  The home is segmented between this active business end and the private section above.  The home’s occupant can relax privately, can entertain and work in the gallery below, all the while enjoying the stunning skies of Nova Lima, Brazil.

Casa JE’s concrete facade continues into the interior of the house, where the soft color of the stone work conveys a cool, natural emotion.  The prize of this home, of course, is the view.  The city and the mountains are the backdrop to sunsets which are to be celebrated nightly, from an open vantage point with a large patio and a relaxing pool.

Our only knock on the home is that the execution of the multi-use philosophy wasn’t perfected.  The exposed closed-circuit cameras, the clock hanging on the balcony, and the office-style design of some of the home’s elements make it a bit less-than-comfortable.  That certainly doesn’t mean we wouldn’t mind making this home (and its view) ours for a long vacation.  [via plataforma]

Casa JE Gallery