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Casa nel Bosco di Ulivi by Luca Zanaroli

Below the bed of an old olive orchard in Morciano di Leuca, Italy, sheets of limestone form the foundation and structure of a contemporary home.  The Casa nel Bosco di Ulivi by Luca Zanaroli is designed to sustain not only the orchard environment around it, but to fashion itself with ultra-local materials.  Specifically, the limestone rocks that were unearthed in excavating the patio pool now adorn the outer walls of this stunning home.  The result feels rustic and classical, but the design is decidedly contemporary.  The earthy stone walls are separated by plain white elements which continue indoors, where a cool and comfortable modern design awaits.  Casa nel Bosco di Ulivi is ultimately a creation of contrasts, where the earthy exterior meets the modern interior.  It yields a lovely modern living space, one that feels right at home amongst the breezy olive branches of its environment.

Casa nel Bosco di Ulivi by Luca Zanaroli | Gallery