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    Casas Del Sol, Thailand
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Casas Del Sol, Thailand

The western shores of the Gulf of Thailand provide some of the most beautiful and exotic scenery in the world, and the island of Ko Tao may be one of its greatest gems.  The vacation homes of  Casas Del Sol are perched above the Ko Tao beaches with an unparalleled view of the ocean, the lush green vegetation and the sandy beaches which line the island.  The homes are designed so that the view beyond is the central point of their entertainment focus.  The furniture within is aimed toward the patio outdoors, bringing the tropical Ko Tao scenery into their design.  Outdoors, each home has a long lap pool next to a covered seating area which becomes an extension of the inner living room when the sliding glass doors are fully opened.  There are plenty of luxury hotels and private retreats along Thailand’s eastern shores, but the Casas Del Sol appear to be amongst the best.  [via contemporist]

Casas Del Sol Gallery