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    Chicago West Loop Park’s Green Urban Design
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Chicago West Loop Park’s Green Urban Design


If you’re like us, most of the time you’ve spent in Chicago’s West Loop has been stuck in traffic on the Kennedy Expressway.  Thanks to a design by Perkins + Will Architects, that West Loop –and the Kennedy itself– are due for a green upgrade.  Perkins + Will have designed a green urban park spanning many city blocks in the West Loop, zig zagging over the freeway below it and skirting up to the highrises throughout.  It is designed to give the West Loop’s patrons a green front yard with plenty of park space to escape the hustle-and-bustle of the busy work week.  Additionally, this park will naturally clean the pollution rising from the expressway, both for the inhabitants above ground and the travelers below.  This is still just a proposed design, but knowing Chicago’s focus on green architecture– you never know, this could one day be a reality. [thanks inhabitat]