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Chronoswiss TimeMaster Watch

chronoswiss timemaster watch 3 Chronoswiss TimeMaster Watch

Chronoswiss has unveiled the new Chronoswiss TimeMaster GMT Chronograph at Baselworld 2010, the Geneva Motor Show of watches.  Chronoswiss’ latest timepiece is a modern watch with a classic sensibility, a design that is at once complex and simple thanks to meticulous spacial consideration.  Its black-and-white theme is accented by an orange GMT hand, date display and “GMT” moniker, giving the watch a subtle sense of contrast.  Extending from the right side of the watch’s ribbed case is a large, gem-like winder that adds to the watch’s strong, asymmetrical character.  That strength is quite apparent in this timepiece, as its design is decidedly masculine, portraying a serious and firm resolve for modern day Mad Men.  [chronoswiss via watch-happening]

chronoswiss timemaster watch 2 Chronoswiss TimeMaster Watch

Chronoswiss Timemaster Watch Gallery

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