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Conan House by Moon Hoon

Conan House by Moon Hoon 12

A playful architect and a young-at-heart client can achieve great things, and the Conan House by Moon Hoon is a prime example.  The small family of a television producer (and toy robot collector) in South Korea wanted an imaginative home that spoke to the child in each of them, and architect Moon Hoon delivered.  The concept they agreed on was a boxy structure, sculptural in its interior but varied within.  The interior comprises a series of split-level floors that rise in a spiral around a center column.  This empty, screened column is inset with display boxes that showcase the client’s toy collection while allowing its occupants to see into other floors above and below.  The top level features a slide so the family’s child can have a fun way of descending to lower levels.  Bookshelves line some of the outer walls, allowing for storage and a clear path along the corkscrew interior.  In total, the Conan House is a fun, imaginative concept that may not be everyone’s ideal example of home, but it is a perfect execution of the client’s needs.  Would you enjoy spending time in this home?  As a guest or a long-term occupant, there’s plenty to enjoy.  [architect: moon hoon photorapher: nam goung son via: archdaily]

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