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Contemporary Tiny House on an Island by 2by4-architects

Sitting on a small island that measures 5 by 100 meters, 2by4-architects have designed a contemporary tiny house that can shift and shape itself to interact with the surrounding environment. Features such as moving glass facades, and foldable wooden exteriors make it possible to enjoy the ‘Loosdrechtse Plas’ lake area from all angles. Despite the impressive design, the house manages to maintain a small physical, and environmental, footprint that will preserve the area for future generations.

The most impressive feature of the house is a wooden facade than can be folded open to reveal panoramic views of the lake and the life that inhabits the area. Not only that, but opening the facade provides a direct link from the wooden floor of the living room into the lake. Infinity pools might be all the rage, but a house with a direct link to the lake is something else altogether.

Before any building was done, the home’s orientation was taken into consideration. This means that in the morning, cold light is able to shine on the east facade and illuminate the white interior, while in the evening the warm light flows into the west facade and signals the end of another day. Another design choice that relates to light and heat is the fireplace, which hangs from the ceiling and can be rotated towards the outdoor terrace for much needed warmth on colder nights.

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