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    Costa Brava House | Spain
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Costa Brava House | Spain

A massive contemporary estate rises out of the waters of Spain’s wild coast.  The Costa Brava House is three residences in one, including the large central villa, a guest apartment and a second guest dwelling with five bedrooms of its own.  Together, the three unit complex includes nearly 16,000 square feet of built space with 12 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.  It’s an easy place to get lost, and precisely the kind of place where you want that to happen.

The Costa Brava house is built around a cove overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  The geography is rugged, with rocks rising out of the sea and climbing high into the air.  The result is the perfect area for a home with a panoramic perspective, one that takes in the full beauty of Spain’s east coast.  The home itself is airy and open, pulling most of its color in from the external environment with a few decorated accents.  The white walls and ceilings continue an outward focus for this home’s visuals, but the furnishings of the home are pleasant in themselves.

The main section of the house includes public spaces for entertaining, a modern kitchen, a pair of bedrooms and one master suite.  Guests enter the home through an elevator that rises from the garage below through different sections of the house above.  Guests can access their own sections privately, but all are tied together through a set of exterior verandas and the view beyond.  Last, a glass-walled office overlooks the Mediterranean from high above, certainly one of the world’s finer places to work.  What kind of price tag would such a magnificent home fetch?  You’d be looking at nearly $29,000,000 USD to call this bit of paradise home. [via trendland]

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