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    Creative Clocks: 10 Amazing Examples of Modern Clockwork
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Creative Clocks: 10 Amazing Examples of Modern Clockwork

Designer Clocks | Who could have predicted that the measure of time would become such an artful affair?  From the early astronomical clocks of the past to the modern timepieces of today, the clock is often a thing of beauty in the world of design.  To celebrate just how progressive the modern clock has become, here are 10 amazing contemporary clocks by some of today’s most talented industrial designers.

Numbers LED Clock by Jonas Damon

While modern science may suggest that time is linear, designer Jonas Damon has another belief entirely.  The Numbers LED Clock was designed for those who prefer to dissect time, to chop things up a bit and rebuild time in your own way.  These four individual blocks of time show one LED-lit numeral each, allowing you to set the order however you like.  Sure, 12:34 a.m. will always be 12:34 a.m., but you can stack these blocks to display that time in the manner of your choice.

Numbers LED Clock Gallery

Milky Way Clock by Henrik Amberla

One part mobius strip, one part galaxy, the Milky Way Clock by Henrik Amberla is a refreshing take on the modern alarm clock.  Its symmetrical shape features three separate time displays and some interesting functionality as a result.  When your morning rest is broken by this alarm, just rotate it to the next display for a preset snooze function.  To set the alarm, just flip it on its back.  The displays will calibrate, ready for rotation the next morning when you need just a few more minutes of sleep.

Milky Way Clock Gallery

Furni Knox Chipboard Clock Radio

The people at Furni make some seriously sexy wooden clock radios, and this one is no exception.  The Furni Knox Chipboard Clock Radio is also known as the “intern clock”, a model made by the beginners at the Furni factory.  Why?  The mahogany, walnut and beech clocks can get a bit pricey with material costs, and this one lets the interns experiment and get used to the craft of wooden clock making.  With much respect to the pros at Furni, your interns have produced our favorite from your line.

Furni Knox Chipboard Clock Radio Gallery

DigiMech Clock by Duncan Shotton

In the DigiMech Clock by Duncan Shotton, the business behind the numbered display is truly the main event.  The four digits that define the day are driven by long, numbered slides that slip into position with each passing minute and hour.  The numbers that aren’t shown front-and-center extend above and below the DigiMech clock, showcasing the entire experience of modern timekeeping.

DigiMech Clock Gallery

Jaeger Le Coultre Atmos Clock

The Atmos Clock is part of an 80-year tradition in timekeeping by Jaeger Le Coultre.  The first Atmos Clock was released to the world in 1928, originally created by craftsman Jean-Léon Reutter.  Today, a new glass-and-metal table clock bares the same name as the original, now designed by Australian designer Marc Newson.  This amazing timepiece is more about art than it is about time, a masterfully crafted sculpture displaying the minutes and hours and the heavens above inset behind this glass case.

Jaeger Le Coultre Atmos Clock Gallery

Create Your Own Clock by Bomi Kim

There’s nothing quite like the sentimental value of a clock you create yourself.  Designer Bomi Kim gives you that opportunity with her Create Your Own Clock, a simple spinning centerpiece into which you insert the hands of your choice.  Use sticks, pencils, crayons– anything you can imagine to be inserted into this clock.  Personally, we think a couple branches of pussy willow would look brilliant on our wall.

Create Your Own Clock Gallery

Segmentus Clock by Art Lebedev Studio

Designer Art Lebedev is well known in tech and design circles, especially for his creation of the OLED Optimus Maximus keyboard.  The Segmentus Clock by Art Lebedev Studio is another stroke of design genius, a digital clock driven by a mechanical means.  The clock shows the time using a series of rotating internal bars that shift with each minute.  The display is semi-translucent, showing the inner workings of the clock while it is flipping away.  What will Art Lebedev create next?

Segmentus Clock Gallery

Nixie Concrete Clock

The transistor tube carries with it a certain feeling of nostalgia, a reminder of the analog age we’ve all but forgotten.  To sing its praise, the Nixie Concrete Clock features six inset transistor tubes which display the time within a concrete block.  The clock has a certain nuclear bunker appeal to it– like it was something that would appear in Fallout or Lost, but is instead available for your desk or bookshelf.

Nixie Concrete Clock Gallery

Minu Tuner Clock by Antrepo Design

Our favorite of the list, the Minu Tuner Clock by Antrepo Design is a colorful little bar with a digital time display.  It shows the time with LED light that matches its color, showing the hour on the left and a scrolling bar on the right for minutes.  It’s available in red, orange, green, yellow and blue, and we kind of want one of each.  That red Minu Tuner, however, would look sexy on TheCoolist’s night stand…

Minu Tuner Clock Gallery

RollOClock Wall Clock

This scrolling clock concept takes up a fair bit of wall real estate, but it is designed as a framed work of art in itself.  The RollOClock Wall Clock showcases time in a unique, scrolling pattern, where time is displayed with a black and white strip that slowly scrolls throughout the day.  Sadly, RollOClock is still only a concept, in that it won’t yet be available for purchase.  It looks brilliant in that modern setting above, and we’d like to see more non-traditional wall clocks like this hit the market.

RollOClock Wall Clock Gallery

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So, what is your favorite?  We may have already spilled the beans for our preference of the Minu Tuner above, but we’re partial to the Furni Knox Chipboard clock too.  Let us know which was your favorite, and if you know of one we should have included here, let us know in the comments.  In the mean time, check out these other TheCoolist features:

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