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David Gilliver Light Painting

Photographer David Gilliver has produced a series of light painting photographs which showcase the silent world of abandoned WWII bunkers.  Where the early-century fortresses lay empty, Gilliver fills them with light and color in a blend of night photography and performance.  With a slow shutter speed on his camera and a bag of light painting tricks, Gilliver paints new images on the silent, stony backdrop of Channel Island of Guernsey.  Ribbons of light are woven into the image with LED batons, spheres of light are created by glow sticks on strings, and sparks fly outward from flint tools that allow Gilliver to craft these otherworldly images.  If you enjoy this manner of photographic art, be sure to check out our list of Light Graffiti: 10 Masters of Light Painting Photography. [via mymodernmet and theawesomer]

David Gilliver Light Painting Gallery