Maria Helena Mikkelsen is an editor and digital artist with TheCoolist. She has over two years of experience as a copywriter, editor, and ghostwriter under her belt. Maria started working with TheCoolist in 2022. She’s since produced and edited eclectic, research-backed content for topics ranging from personality types to art and spirituality. Alongside TheCoolist, Maria’s copywriting experience is backed by creative pursuits.

She’s the co-founder of Poetry Orchard, an art collective providing online writing workshops, editorial services, and publishing assistance, and the Adventurer’s Writing Guild, a bi-yearly writing community dedicated to the National Poetry Writing Month. Her artistic interests are centered on poetry, novels, graphic design, and digital collage art as well as workshop facilitation. Maria’s work has been published in literary zines and anthologies, such as Mansion of Fears and Carpe Noctem as well as TheCoolist itself. Maria additionally creates digital collages to accompany her self-published works on social media, designs promotional materials and infographics, and aids in art direction for TheCoolist.

Highlights and Specialties


Maria’s experience extends to her time as a generalist and a specialized copywriter as well as an artist. She produced eclectic content while specializing in health and wellness—creating articles on relationships, dating, socialization, and more over her two years of experience as a ghostwriter. The content she created strengthened Maria’s existing personal and professional interest in wellness and how it can apply to other areas of life. Meanwhile, Maria’s experience as a self-taught artist has cultivated skills in graphic design and digital collage.

Maria’s familiarity with both wellness and art allows her to analyze, craft, and edit lifestyle articles for TheCoolist as well as aid in art direction, ideation, and production of digital illustrations. For close to two years as a team member of TheCoolist, she’s applied existing knowledge of wellness and art to topics like spirituality, personality, and relationships. She’s done so to help readers achieve greater self-understanding and self-growth.


Maria attended Keystone Online High School. She also received an informal education as a TCK (third-culture kid). Her broad experience with different cultures and digital schooling contributed to her interest in wellness and art, and the ways different people interact with these areas of life. Her interest in art led her to cultivate her creative skills as both a visual artist and writer, expanding into a self-taught journey that prompted the founding of Poetry Orchard and the Adventurer’s Writing Guild. She additionally applied her interest in wellness during her time as a ghostwriter and later as a copywriter for TheCoolist to develop research-backed articles on eclectic subjects relating to wellness and more. She now centers her experiences of wellness and art on topics like spirituality, lifestyle, self-development, and personality.