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Double Gable Eichler Remodel by Klopf Architecture Helps Create Stronger Family Ties

For this recreation of this family home, Klopf Architecture had to redesign a property that used to house as many as 12 at one time, for a much more compact family of five. The result is a clean, spacious, and light-filled property, topped off with an extensive collection of mid-century modern furniture the family have been putting together over the years. Various geometric patterns are also featured around the house, which help to enhance the vast amounts of clean white design.

Located in Burlingame, California, the property’s flawless exterior and angular roof give it a distinctive presence in the neighborhood. The overall goal of the project however, was to allow for more connection within the house, increase the functionality of utility spaces, and improve the common area so the family of five could live together comfortably. The fact the owners had worked with Klopf 10 years ago on an extension for their ranch home made the process effortless.

Half of the wall between the family area and dining room was removed, while half of the dining room wall was also replaced with a large, fixed window looking out into the backyard. Apart from a better view while sitting in the computer desk area, the new layout also allows much more circulation into and out of the family area. In the name of shared spaces, architects also widened the space in the kitchen and set up a huge, single plane island that can be used for working, feeding the kids, entertaining, and anything else that comes to mind.

The open-air section of the family function, which connects to almost every other area of the house, serves as the heart of the home. Not only does it offer an excellent place to enjoy the California sun, but it makes social interaction an unavoidable aspect of living in this particular Eichler. [Photography by Mariko Reed]



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