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Dry Creek House – Austin, TX

Brian Dillard Architecture have completed work on an inspired design on the foot of a dry creek in Austin, Texas.  The Dry Creek House is a prime example of restrained modernism, where simple shapes and patterns are joined in a way that doesn’t impose on its inhabitants.  No errant, sculptural forms or overly stylish elements complicate this home, it simply is what it is.

That doesn’t mean the architect didn’t give this home a style of its own.  The image below recalls the work of Piet Mondrian, while the remainder of the home comprises a very subtle-yet-palpable sense of character.  The home is largely composed of oak and limestone, keeping the steel and the concrete mostly hidden from view.  This gives the home a natural feel that mirrors the old trees and the dried creek in the distance, providing a sense of overall balance and harmony.  [via contemporist]

Dry Creek House Gallery