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Dune House by JVA + Mole Architects

On the edge of England’s east coast, a new vacation home rises out of the dunes in a dream-like fashion.  The Dune House by JVA and Mole Architects is sculptural in philosophy but natural in spirit, connecting to the environment around it like an extension of its sandy landscape.  A bright, warm interior is covered with a dynamic pitched roof that is its signature, creating an appeal far different from any of its neighbors.

The main floor of the Dune House is fully open to the exterior, laced in glass windows that stretch from the floor to the ceiling.  That ceiling has the warm texture of slatted wood paneling that continues into the second floor.  The private section upstairs includes four rooms, some with balconies, that are lined with a light natural wood on the walls and ceiling.

The shape of the Dune House is presented to share the same rolling features of the dunes at its feet.  The sharp, angled nature of the home makes it stand out from other properties along the coast, but its influence by the environment around it makes it appear even more fitting than the other homes.  It is as if this home rose out of the ground, forming the peak of the dunes beyond.  [via designboom]

Dune House Gallery