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    E-Volo Electric Helicopter
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E-Volo Electric Helicopter

Decades ago, the vision for the future had us riding flying cars by now.  While we’re still waiting for a family vehicle to take to the skies, a related milestone in private air transit has been surpassed.  The E-Volo Electric Helicopter has achieved flight, the first of its kind to sustain lift from electric power.  An array of eighteen rotors spin in unison to lift the E-Volo VC200 to 22 meters above the ground for a sustained period.  Sure, that might not get you to your Jetson house in the sky yet, but it’s a welcome start.

The E-Volo Electric Helicopter is to designed to carry two passengers up to 6500 feet into the sky for over 60 miles per charge.  An E-Volo VC200 pilot can cruise at comfortable speeds while watching traffic jams below on a typical commuter circuit.  Sure, you can’t parallel park the E-Volo on a side street, but if you’re amongst those who may be able to afford the eventual production model of the VC200, we imagine you can afford a landing pad.    How much will it cost?  It’s tough to say at this point.  The E-Volo Electric Helicopter is still just a prototype, but the concept has been proven and its development team is working hard on making this product a reality.  Chances are, electric helicopters like this will be available to the public long before that oft-promised flying car will…

E-Volo Electric Helicopter Video

E-Volo Electric 18 Rotor Helicopter 5 E-Volo Electric 18 Rotor Helicopter 6 E-Volo Electric 18 Rotor Helicopter 3

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