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Edyn Smart Garden: the Solar Powered Garden of the Future

The Edyn Smart Garden is about simplicity and information, two things lacking for many modern gardeners.  For many, gardening is a relaxing hobby, one as productive as it is peaceful. It can also be stressful to the novice gardener. How can you predict damaging hailstorms? How do you know your plants are getting the water and sunlight they need?  How can you tell when – and how much – to water your plants?

With the Edyn Smart Garden system, there’ll be only one answer to all those questions: don’t worry about it. Your tech will handle it for you. As the developer explains on the product’s Kickstarter Page, Edyn takes the guesswork out of gardening. Simply insert the Edyn Garden Sensor into your garden, and it’ll display a real-time snapshot of your plants, offering suggestions and alerts which you can use to maximize the health of your planets. Installing a second component – the Edyn Water Valve – will also allow the system to keep your plants properly watered.  Connect it up to your Smartphone, and you’ll never have to be away from your garden again – you’ll be able to take care of it no matter where you are.

Edyn Smart Garden (2)

Just about the only thing the Edyn smart garden doesn’t account for is dealing with pests like beetles or caterpillars – but I’m sure the developers will think of something to that effect by the time the product actually hits the market.

Now, a few of you are probably wondering exactly how this product works. It looks a little too simple to monitor an entire garden, doesn’t it? It’s…actually a lot more complex than it looks.

See, how it works is that it passes an electrical signal through the soil – don’t worry, it’s harmless – and takes note of how that signal is modified by water and soil additives. This information is then cross-referenced with a database and other members of the Edyn Smart Garden Community. The system’s sensitive enough that it can detect even the smallest changes in the soil’s properties. Oh, it’s also solar-powered…meaning you can just plug it down and let it run.

And as a result, you’ll be more connected to your garden than ever before. Sound like something you’d like? Donate to the Kickstarter!

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