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Electric Objects Digital Canvas Projects Hi-Def Art

There’s a new gadget ready to hit the market that I’m positive will have art enthusiasts swooning.  It’s called the EO1, the Electric Objects Digital Canvas that displays that art of your choice on the surface of your choice. Once it’s been set up and connected to WiFi, it can be controlled through the associated app, and made to look like…well, pretty much whatever you want it to look like. Want to set up a famous painting by Picasso? You can do that. A beautiful painting of a meadow from Van Gogh? Go for it. A surreal, disturbing piece by Salvador Dali? Sure, but it probably won’t be much of a hit with your guests.

Once you’ve selected the painting you want to display, the Electric Objects Digital Canvas will automatically adjust to ambient lighting conditions, ensuring you get the best picture possible regardless of whether it’s day or night.  It consumes about as much energy as an average light bulb, and comes with a beautiful matte finish that makes it nearly indistinguishable from a traditional canvas painting (at a glance). It’s also able to display animated GIFs, and offers support for WebGL, Processing, and JavaScript. Pretty sweet deal, right?

Electric Objects Digital Canvas EO1 3

According to Electric Objects – the company responsible for designing the frame – there’s currently more beautiful art on the Internet than in any of the art galleries and museums across the world. Unfortunately, much of this artwork is, as they put it “trapped.” It’s imprisoned within a vast array of different devices all ultimately designed for a single task: distraction. The goal of Electric Objects, continues the company on the EO1 Kickstarter Page, is to bring that art from the Internet into our homes.

To give us an opportunity to appreciate some of the beauty free of all the white noise that’s typically bundled with it.

Currently, the project is set to retail at $499, though anyone who contributes to the Kickstarter (which has already raised ten times its initial goal) can get one for $300 or two for $600.  Not a bad deal for a product like this, no?

Just be sure to keep the cat away from it.

Electric Objects Digital Canvas EO1 7

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