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    Elgato EVE Home Monitoring System Shows Your Home at a Glance
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Elgato EVE Home Monitoring System Shows Your Home at a Glance

Our homes are getting smarter. Thanks to advances in mobile technology, we’re being given more control over – and knowledge of – our places of residence than at any other time in history. At a glance, it’s now possible to know pretty much everything that’s going on in one’s house – and even to control it, with the right solution. This is the age of smart homes – and it’s a fantastic one indeed.

Not surprisingly, there are plenty of solutions on the market if one wants to keep a close eye on their residence. Of these, Eve may well be the most comprehensive suite I’ve yet seen. Designed by Elgato, Eve consists of a family of sensors that monitor, well…pretty much everything.  There are six components to Eve: room, weather, water, door & window, smoke, and energy. Together, sensors detect the air quality in your home, they monitor its energy and water consumption, humidity, and they report on the ambient air pressure. There’s even sensors to detect whether windows and doors are open or shut – along with smoke detectors that’ll alert you in the event of a fire.

All of this data is sent directly to the Eve app over Bluetooth LE, at which point it can be used to make your home a smarter, more comfortable place to live. Sounds pretty good so far, right?

Now, of course there’s a catch. If you’re using anything other than iOS, you’re out of luck – From what I can tell, Eve only works with either an iPhone or iPad. Since the product isn’t yet on the market, it’s not clear whether or not Elgato ever intends to make it available on other platforms.

Interested in purchasing Eve for yourself? Swing by Elgato’s website – there’s a form you can fill out to sign up for a newsletter, at which point you’ll be notified of any updates to the product (including pricing and a release window).

Elgato Eve Home Monitoring System 2

Elgato EVE Home Monitoring System