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    Ferrari LaFerrari
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Ferrari LaFerrari

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Ferrari has taken the wraps off of its new flagship heading into the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the new Ferrari LaFerrari.  The LaFerrari supplants the Ferrari Enzo as the new prince amongst prancing ponies, a hybrid-powered supercar capable of breakneck acceleration and 200+ top speeds.  A 949 combined horsepower hybrid system is the heartbeat of the Ferrari LaFerrari, with a mated 6.3-liter V12 engine and a 160-hp electric motor.  That power will push the LaFerrari past 62 mph in less than three seconds as it screams toward 205 mph at its peak.

Like the Lamborghini Veneno which was revealed earlier, the Ferrari LaFerrari continues a trend of the top supercar manufacturers showing off their best at the Geneva Motor Show.  The LaFerrari is designed to replace the Ferrari Enzo which came before with a hybrid-designed power system under the hood.  This isn’t intended to save fuel like your typical Prius, it’s a way to get the most performance out of a production vehicle as possible.  Think of it like race style performance in a road-focused package, something Ferrari has always done so well.  When will the LaFerrari arrive, and for how much?  News on that to come, but feel free to drool in the mean time…

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