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    Fisker Karma Production Model Coming to Paris
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Fisker Karma Production Model Coming to Paris

The production model of the Fisker Karma plug-in electric hybrid will officially be shown off at this year’s Paris Motor Show.  The Fisker Karma has come a long way from its early concepts shown in 2007, maturing into a serious luxury automobile with a more refined design sensibility.  To promote the Karma’s arrival, Fisker Automotive has released this series of stills showing the electric hybrid in all its road-ready glory.

While the exterior design stays mostly true to the original concept, the interior has been given a much-needed makeover.  The two-toned leather furnishings feel much more Bentley than Scion, as the concept version was a bit too tricked-out for our taste.  Beyond these upgrades, the heartbeat of the Karma remains the same, and is perhaps its most intriguing factor.  Fisker claims that the average annual fuel efficiency of the Karma can reach 100MPG, which would of course be based on your driving habits.  While the price tag of the Karma is likely to be out of most drivers price range, we wouldn’t mind attempting to make up the difference in fuel savings by using this one as our grocery getter.

The Karma, however, isn’t targeted at 20/30-something design magazine publishers.  It’s apparently targeted at 50-something fellows in the throes of a Mid Life Crisis– not to mention a serious case of enviro-guilt.  Check out the rest of the gallery below, with the stills that include models.  While we enjoy our babes and our solar panels, we couldn’t help but chuckle at this shoot.

Fisker Karma Gallery