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Gilt Groupe Reveals Park&Bond for Men

Our friends at Gilt Groupe have officially launched a new retailer for men, Park&Bond.  Park&Bond is a bit of a departure from the flash sale style that Gilt championed, as this is a standard retail store that doesn’t peak at noon– its wares are in stock and available on a longer timeline.  That aside, Gilt’s trademark of careful curation in modern style is very much alive in this new project.  If you’ve drooled over the options at Gilt Man, Jetsetter or Gilt City, the drooling will continue at Park&Bond.

Park&Bond provides standard shopping options, as well as virtual boutiques that focus on dedicated interests.  Vintage Watch lovers will find a niche of their own on Park&Bond, where classic Rolexes, Breitlings and Omegas are available for a premium price.  Park&Bond’s Street Etiquette section connects with the conservative end of the street fashion movement, and the C.O. Bigelow store works to keep all visitors well groomed.

It was a welcome surprise to see the news from Gilt in our inbox this morning.  Now, we’ll have to save our pennies while hoping that 1960s Breitling Chronomat remains in stock…  In the mean time, we’re happy to drool over the pictures.

If you’re Gilt fans like we are, don’t miss our behind-the-scenes look at the Gilt Groupe warehouse and creative department, including a live view of a model photo shoot in action.

Park&Bond’s Street Ettiquette Store

Park&Bond’s Vintage Watch Store

Park&Bond’s C.O. Bigelow Mens Grooming Store