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Grand Hotel du Palais Royal: Culture, Cuisine and Comfort ala Parisian!

The many sights and sounds of Paris lure tourists from all across the globe each day and as the only luxury hotel in the Palais-Royal locale, the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal is the perfect base station for those wanting to experience the very best of City of Lights!

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal

There is an undeniable air of romanticism in everything Parisian and the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal seems to epitomize this to perfection as it sits in a beautiful 18th century building infused with modern goodness. The timeless appeal of this chic, luxury hotel is apparent from the moment you step in and its unique flavor that blends comfort with class leaves you mesmerized.

Experience Paris like Never Before!

It is easy to fall in love with this the hotel’s relaxing ambiance that moves away from the sterile, cookie-cutter design trend. Add to this the presence of the iconic Louvre Museum , the renowned Comedie Francaise Theater, the rue busy Saint-Honore and the Tuileries Gardens a stone’s throw away and you have a perfect gateway to enjoy the very best of Paris. For anyone visiting the city, this is a definite priority and the authentic ‘French’ experience at the hotel itself transports you into an opulent, soothing and stylish world filled with rich heritage that is decidedly Parisian.

Charming interiors of the posh Parisian hotel

Comfy decor and relaxed ambinace shape the lavish Grand Hotel du Palais Royal

Drapes inside the hotel with classi Toile pattern

Indoor garden viewed from the restuarant at the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal

Le Lulli Restaurant at the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal

In this winter garden, with infinite light effects, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a tasteful French cuisine. The executive Chef Clément Le Norcy was trained and learned from Michelin Star-Head Chefs…

Touch of natural greenery creates a relaxing environment inside the spa

Interior of the luxury Paris hotel designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon

Luxury suite inside the posh Paris hotel set in a historic 18th Century building

Modern and classic Parisian charm come together inside Grand Hotel du Palais Royal

Pierre-Yves Rochon’s decor adds class to the interior of this lavish Paris Hotel

Stylish and relaxing bedroom inside the awesome Paris Hotel

Enjoy a relaxing retreat at the fabulous Grand Hotel du Palais Royal

The wide range of guest rooms at the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal range from the cozy Superior Room to the breathtaking Panoramic Suite that offers you a magical glimpse into the glittering skyline of Paris. Designed ever so masterfully by Pierre-Yves Rochon, the interior of the hotel, spa and the Le Lulli Restaurant fuse a flair for the dramatic with engaging artwork and ultra-refined décor. Each of the 68 rooms here drape you in luxury that will leave you with great memories that last a lifetime. A perfect retreat for a perfect Paris trip!

Enjoy the many shades, sights and tastes of Paris at the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal

View of Paris from the rooftop balcony of the chic hotel

Luxury Hotel in Palais Royal offers easy access to the best destinations in Paris

The panoramic suite’s terrace, situated on the top floor of the Hotel (7th floor) offers a surprising 180° view of Paris, its rooftops and historical monuments

Enjoy a view of Paris at night from the private deck

Vintage and modern elements come together at the fabulous Grand Hotel du Palais Royal