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Hard Graft Grocery Bag

Over the last decade, progressive grocers have encouraged their customers to bring their own bags to the store, not relying on unsustainable plastic.  If those easy-to-break re-usable paper bags aren’t fashionable enough for you, we suggest the new Hard Graft Grocery Bag.  We adore pretty much everything Hard Graft, as evidenced by the wallet in our pocket as we speak (er, type).  The new grocery bag is no exception, despite the fact that it probably shouldn’t be limited to groceries.  Consider it a mini-duffel, on that you can certainly take the store but also take for a weekend road trip to catch the fall colors up north.  Granted, it’s not the cheapest option, so only those with the folding money to shop organic every day might want to consider this one.  After conversion, the Hard Graft Grocery Bag will translate roughly to $310.

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