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HG House by Argaz Arquitectos

Clean, cubic and contemporary, the HG House by Argaz Arquitectos is a stunning new residence in Zapopan, Mexico.  This white-skinned structure is a continuation of a modern movement in Zapopan, a culturally-rich city in central Mexico with a population of over 1,000,000 residents.  The HG House is the city’s latest, a progressive take on a traditional split-style residence.

The interior of the HG House is as bright as the exterior, lit mostly by well-placed skylights and other natural systems that help fight energy costs.   A small inner courtyard houses trees that feed upon the sunlight as it passes over Zapopan.  The living room in the rear of the home opens up to a an exterior porch with views that reach into the back yard.  In total, Argaz Arquitectos did a splendid job giving the home a natural feel while aiming for such a bold design.  We hope to see more like this, in Zapopan and beyond.  [via fubiz]

HG House Gallery