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Hillside House by SB Architects

SB Architects has completed work on a sustainably-developed gem of architecture in Mill Valley, California.  The Hillside House by SB Architects is the first LEED Platinum home in Marin County, located just north of California’s famed Golden Gate Bridge.

The Hillside House is aptly named, as the site includes a sharp incline onto which this home was constructed.  The home makes peace with the natural incline by utilizing a multi-story design, leaving much of the plot intact including the grand oak that reaches over the driveway.  Beyond that, Hillside House earned its LEED badge by using reclaimed and consciously-produced materials like that stunning Western Red Cedar siding.

Indoors, the occupants are treated to a warm, comfortable environment split between community and private spaces.  Those who live in Hillside House can escape to numerous terraced balconies which provide panoramic views of the Mill Valley environment.  When it comes to sustainable Northern California living, it doesn’t get much better than this.  [sb architects via archdaily, photos by mariko reed]

Hillside House Gallery