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    Honeywell Lyric Lets You Control Your Home Environment Anywhere
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Honeywell Lyric Lets You Control Your Home Environment Anywhere

Depending where you live in the world, money spent on climate control might well be one of your most significant expenses. If at all possible, it’s something you want to keep in check – after all, why spend money on air conditioning when you aren’t home?  To that end, we’ve seen a number of different ‘smart thermostat’ products reaching the market, all designed to make management of one’s home temperature that much easier. The Honeywell Lyric system is the latest in that line.

The first thing that’ll probably jump out at you about Lyric is how it looks – sporting a circular design, it’s both beautiful and easy to read, ensuring it’ll look good pretty much wherever you put it. Of course, the Honeywell Lyric is not all about looks – that’s only a bonus. The true power of Lyric is in the fact that, through both its built-in features and its smartphone app, it allows you to fine-tune your home’s temperature and humidity like never before.

Through this app, you can create and designate a whole list of different shortcuts which can be used to quickly and easily adjust the temperature and humidity in your home. Do you enjoy hosting dinner parties? Then you can create a shortcut that ensures your guests won’t be too uncomfortable.  What about gaming events or house parties? Again, it’s as simple as tapping your phone.

That’s not all the system does, either. Through the Smart Cues feature, the Honeywell Lyric will deliver you a number of different warnings, notifications, and suggestions. It’ll let you know, for example, if the humidity in your home is a bit too high, or that your air filter needs changing. You can also use the feature to connect yourself to an expert trained to remotely diagnose any problems you might encounter with your system.

Last but certainly not least, the app also includes a geo-conferencing feature, which will automatically adjust your thermostat based on your location – meaning you can set it up to turn itself off while you’re at work.

Honeywell Lyric Smartphone App

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