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    These Mad Scientist Hoteliers in Amsterdam Have Flipped The Script on Hotel Design
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These Mad Scientist Hoteliers in Amsterdam Have Flipped The Script on Hotel Design

Sure, it’s a hotel — but it’s not like any hotel we’ve ever seen. The aptly-named Hotel No Hotel in Amsterdam is a vibrant art gallery of creative hotel rooms. No two rooms are alike, and each was contributed by its own interior design artist. Hotel No Hotel has taken the script for conventional hotel design and thrown it out the window, opting instead for something entirely different.

Hotel No Hotel features 15 hotel rooms ranging from mild to wild. There’s a series of secret rooms hidden behind bookshelves. There’s a tram cart that has been converted into a micro room. There’s a second-level crow’s nest, a few fake “houses” and a concrete adobe home with colorful walls. It’s as if a curator selected 15 of the coolest Airbnb rentals in Amsterdam and moved them all under one roof.

The playful spirit of Hotel No Hotel doesn’t end there. There’s a bar and restaurant in the facility named Kevin Bacon, and you’ll need to let them explain the nomenclature for themselves. Yes, it’s named after the actor, and no, we don’t quite understand it. From the looks of it, however, we’d be thrilled to enjoy a beer (and some bacon) at Kevin’s spot. Just think of all the six degrees jokes one could make.

Hotel No Hotel is open now with rooms starting at $78 USD after currency conversion. If you’ve done any travelling lately, you know that to be hostel/Airbnb pricing but for a much better experience. It’s a design class hotel, youthful in spirit, and it’s price is excitingly accessible. Going to Amsterdam? We know this great tram cart you can crash in… [hotelnohotel]

Hotel No Hotel 5

This restored tram fits two comfortably. Don’t knock if it’s rockin’.

Hotel No Hotel 2

Push the bookshelf to reveal the entry to a hidden hotel room.

Hotel No Hotel 7

The rooms aren’t huge, but less is so much more.

Hotel No Hotel 3

This “Crisis Free Zone” almost feels like a migrant Romani wagon.

Hotel No Hotel 12 Hotel No Hotel 11

The “Fading Colors” room is almost like a new-age adobe house.

Hotel No Hotel 4

Come for the beer. Stay for the Kevin Bacon.

Hotel No Hotel 9

Hotel No Hotel | Gallery