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    House 6 Sao Paulo by Marcio Kogan
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House 6 Sao Paulo by Marcio Kogan

TheCoolist loves Brazilian Architecture, and it is tough to find a better Brazilian architect at the moment than the brilliant Marcio Kogan.  We’ve featured Kogan here before, as well as including his work in our feature on green roof design, and his latest work carries his signature to another generation of home architecture and design.  The House 6 Sao Paulo by Marcio Kogan is the latest to hit the web, a gorgeous stone and wood monument to tropical South American living.

Kogan’s rectangular, open air philosophy is very well alive in this design, featuring living spaces that are nearly indiscernible from the home’s environment, where the lush tropical plot extends right into the home itself.  His furnishings are early modern, natural and perfectly matched with the style of this home.  Atop the house is a wood screened section that is private within but provides a lovely view of the home’s surroundings.  While the home’s upper sections are all about the privacy of the home’s inhabitants, it’s lower sections are designed for entertainment.  A house party at a home like this would be legendary every time, the type where natural relaxation is nearly palpable thanks to the breezy Sau Paolo air.  [marciokogan via contemporist]

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