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House CZ by SAMI Architectos

A quiet contemporary home overlooks the Azorean coast in the middle of the great Altantic.   The House CZ by SAMI Architectos feels as peaceful and isolated as the rarity of its plot, one that few world travelers ever get to see.  House CZ is perched on a hill on the tiny island of Ilha do Pico, part of the Azores archipelago that is located roughly half way between Portugal and Nova Scotia.  This home takes advantage of the rich natural environment on Pico, where pine trees and native grasses surround an open field that is tended to by grazing sheep.

The design of House CZ focuses on subtlety and a desire to merge with the hilly topography of Ilha do Pico.  The single-story structure comprises four internal sections that can be opened to the outer environment.    The northern section overlooks the coast in the distance, while the southern section peers into the contours of the hills above.  Based on the direction of the wind and the climate within the home, these sections can be opened to allow the natural outer flow to maintain comfort.  Unlike the black wooden exterior, the interior is white on all sides, given color by the furnishings and guests within the home.  This balance between clean modernity and the natural landscape is well-maintained, as the windows of House CZ make the Azorean island the art that adorns its walls.  [via archdaily, photos by fg + sg architectural photography]

House CZ by SAMI Architectos Gallery