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House in Tavira by Vitor Vilhena

On a breezy olive orchard near the Portuguese coast, the House in Tavira by Vitor Vilhena rests quietly.  The design of House in Tavira features an intimate connection with its environment, as each room, hallway and outdoor space is focused on the natural features of the Tavira landscape.  While the shape of this house is decidedly contemporary, its white fascia is not intrusive.  The walls and windows are canvasses for the color and light of the inhabitants and landscape, not bold blocks that divide each element.  In total, it is a dreamy home, and to look at its photographs by Joao Morgado is to feel the breeze as it passes from one room to the next, as the sound of olive branches sway in the distance.

House in Tavira by Vitor Vilhena | Gallery

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