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    Ikea Catalog 2011 Now Online
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Ikea Catalog 2011 Now Online

The 2011 Ikea Catalog is now officially available online.  The new Ikea Catalog is packed with 376 pages of inexpensive, flat-packed interior design goodness, with a focus this year on storage solutions for the home and office.  While the phrase “storage solutions” doesn’t inspire excitement in most of us, the 2011 Ikea Catalog does a nice job of putting this form of furniture into a nice perspective.  Beautiful, happy and dream-like homes are decked out with Ikea wares and arranged ever so stylishly.  Fans of Ikea and those who prefer a budget approach to interior design will all be pleased with the new 2011 Ikea Catalog.  We certainly are.  Browse for yourself online at

2011 Ikea Catalog Gallery