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Warm Wood and Board-Formed Concrete Give Natural Appeal to a Modern Australian Home

Modern design is often characterized by right angles and straight lines, yielding shapes that are not always seen as warm and inviting. In the case of the Invermay House by Moloney Architects, material is the third dimension that brings life to the home’s appearance. Its form is sharp on the corners and flat on the sides, but its wood and concrete facade conveys a natural, traditional sensibility. The result is a stunning home, a contemporary overlook with views into the Australian city of Ballarat below.

Inside and out, natural beauty is a central focus of the home’s design, which is a clear success by Moloney Architects.

From a distance, the most noticeable feature of the Invermay House is its shape — followed closely by its warm wooden skin. It stretches to three stories from the bottom of the hill, a large rectangle embedded right into the slope. The home’s primary form is lined with a horizontal wooden fascia of spotted gum, accented with vertical slats for controlling light and privacy. Concrete structural elements support the home’s elevation and accent each side. Visually, lines in the concrete echo the pattern in the wood, thanks to board-formed casting of each concrete wall.

Indoors, the grand rectangle of the Invermay House is split into smaller rooms that center around a mixed-use area in the front of the home. A stairwell ascends to a balcony on the upper floor, where private rooms face North for optimal natural lighting. Windows climb from the bottom of the first floor to the top of the second, and skylights and accent glass brings additional light into the home. The wooden feature of the home’s exterior continues within, albeit finely surfaced to a perfectly flat plane.

Outdoor living is an important part of the home’s experience, so each room seems to find a way to guide the eye toward the environment. Cantilevered patios hang over the sloping incline of the plot, giving a raised view of the Ballarat panorama. Inside and out, natural beauty is a central focus of the home’s design, which is a clear success by Moloney Architects.

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