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    Ion Hotel – Iceland
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Ion Hotel – Iceland

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The dynamic geography of Iceland makes it one of the most visually arresting landscapes in the world.  Travelers from around the world visit Iceland every year to take in its natural beauty, and they have a new destination for experiencing its nature firsthand.  The Ion Hotel – Iceland is located outside of Reykjavik, close enough for easy travel access but deep enough into the Icelandic wilderness for a truly immersive experience.

The Ion Hotel is located on a rocky overlook peering into the rolling topography of Iceland.  Guests at the Ion Hotel are invited to explore the environment around it, from the rivers to the hilly peaks to lava-forged caverns below.  Exercise and activities outdoors are a central focus for Ion Hotel guests, and the menu is full and exciting.  Those who wish to skip the rafting, snorkeling, hiking or horseback riding can relax in the hot springs on site, enjoying a warm spa experience as mother nature intended.  The truly adventurous can try out the Super Jeep Safari, a marathon that travels around the locality and explores lava caves, waterfalls and more.

Guests accommodations at the Ion Hotel start at around $125 per night in the winter to nearly $300 per night in the summer for a basic single occupancy room.  A deluxe double room is available for up to $430 in the summer, $275 in the winter.  If you’re looking to visit Iceland or you’re hunting down the Aurora Borealis, this is the place to be.  If you happen to visit, be sure to come back and tell us about  your experience until we can get there ourselves. [via knstrct]

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